Code Generation on Steroids

PDSA Haystack allows .NET developers to create Entity and Data classes to perform all CRUD actions against a database engine such as SQL Server or Oracle. Haystack generates classes to call stored procedures, views, even XML files. In addition it will generate ASP.NET, and WPF user controls and much more!

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Download your free trial of PDSA's Haystack Code Generator for .NET and try it out right now. The trial version provides all features of Haystack and the ability to test out the generated code from within Visual Studio.

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Create Applications Quickly

When you generate code your applications will get done faster! You also eliminate a lot of testing that you have to do with hand written code.

Haystack is a template-driven code generator, meaning you can modify how the code is generated by customizing pre-defined templates and by creating your own templates.

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Haystack comes with template applications to get you started quickly and easily.

Just drop in your generated code into one of our pre-built template WPF or ASP.NET applications and press F5!

XAML Screens in Seconds

Struggling to develop standard add/edit/delete XAML screens? Haystack will generate them for you. We have pre-built templates that will get you started immediately!

The Best Data and Validation System

Our data model and validation system will generate classes that allow you to create a Service-Oriented and N-Tier architecture quickly and easily. Right out of the box you get all this!

  • Data Transfer/Entity object (useful for WCF applications)
  • Validation class (automatic generation of validation rules picked up from your database table)
  • Business logic class (a place for you to add your own custom validation rules)
  • Data access class (Create, Read, Update, Delete logic)
  • Manager class to bring all the above into one easy to use API
  • CRUD Stored Procedure generation
  • WPF Add, Edit, Delete User Controls
  • ASP.NET MVC Add, Edit, Delete Pages
  • ASP.NET Web Forms Add, Edit, Delete Pages
  • WCF Service Layer for CRUD
  • View Model Class for the UI
  • Data Provider Layer to switch database engines quickly and easily

Haystack Architecture Overview

Haystack Architecture

Haystack provides a unique, flexible approach to data access, validation and business logic. Using the templates provided with Haystack, the tool creates an Entity class (or Data Transfer class) that just represents data (no methods), a set of data access classes that are used to populate that entity class, and a set of validation classes used to validate the data in the Entity class prior to submitting the data to the database.

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